EMT Study App Reviews

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Highly recommended!!!

I teach an EMT course and I recommend it to all my students.

Emt student

I love this app, currently in Emt school and its so helpful!

Great App

Simple and easy to use. The category breakdown is awesome so you can focus on that certain area

Best app for EMT Study

Love the functionality of this app. Makes studying much easier, with an overall enjoyable app experience. Excellent development, highly recommend this for test prep.

Great app!

Used this as my primary study tool and passed the NREMT at 73 questions. Best couple bucks Ive spent.

Great study app

I used this app to study for the NREMT. The questions are pretty similar to the exam itself. The best thing about this app in particular is the sleek layout and the cumulative summaries that tell you how you did in each section. No bugs or glitches that I have found. If your looking for a sure fire way to pass your NREMT exam, this is the app for you!

Good Study Guide

It helped me get through EMT school by reinforcing what I was taught in class. Its a great study app for when you have a minute or two of downtime.

Nice study tool

A great resource for EMT students. Helped me tremendously!

Spelling errors are only complaint

Seems to be great variety of questions to prepare. Guess Ill know soon once I take the exam. Only thing w/this app is the plethora of spelling errors...

Awesome app

I took the NREMT basic test and passed using only this app after failing the first time without this app telling every student I know!!! Awesome app great job!


Not bad but needs more. It repeats the questions.

Great Review!

Really helped prepare me for the national registry!!

Worth the money

Great tool to study with. Questions are just like nremt test.

Lots of issues but good info

Wrong answers, misspellings, and repeat questions. I guess its worth $5 for the good info.

Get THIS app!!

I just took my NREMT this morning and many questions that were similar to the ones in this app showed up && I passed! This is a great study tool. If you want to pass the NREMT, GET THIS APP!

Best so far

The questions are great practice and I greatly appreciate how the rationale is worded to illustrate the correct pattern of thought when taking exams. I also really like the format. One thing though: I would love to have more questions!

Worth it

Ive tried many NREMT apps and this one seems to help the most. Its worth the money and time you put in using it. Good luck.

Great app!

Ive been using it to study. Ive already failed my NREMT once.. Hopefully this app will help!

Not a bad study tool.

Information isnt wrong for the most part, however some questions are debatable. Of course that is EMT life in general so have to be flexible and understand the curriculum is constantly changing and ideas differ.


This app is a wonderful tool. Never crashes, always works great. It challenges me and teaches me at the same time. If you are a student this app is for you! Get it now!!

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